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Chromatic and Diatonic Online Harmonica Lessons

Who is the harmonica for?

It is definitely for everybody! 


The Harmonica Workshop

The idea behind the harmonica workshop gets started from the desire of promoting an instrument which deserves more space in the music scene. 

Many artists  introduced the harmonica to different music styles. Thanks to these people, we can find the harmonica in Blues, Jazz, Classical music, Tango, Flamenco, Brazilian, Irish music and many more styles.

The harmonica is taking more space over the years but we think that it is still less popular compared with other instruments. Our purpose is to spread the “harmonica culture” with our harmonica lessons online.



It is Fun
It is professional
It is affordable
It is motivating
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One to one lessons

We are holding private classes in London a week a month. You can decide the length of your class in terms of hours.

Not Available

Online Lessons

We agree the days and time, log into Skype or any other video-call program which works well and have the lesson. I will give you one-to-one instruction on the techniques of the…

Group lessons and workshop

We work with schools and cultural centres, for events and functions. In our options we offer extracurricular classes and workshops.

Not Available

Let’s make music!

We love making different music styles. Our doors are open to the students of all ages and any levels of experience.  Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire creative passion, and increase students’ self-confidence. Sign up to our online harmonica lessons!

The Harmonica Workshop

Single Event

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Lessons available also in Spanish and Italian


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