One To One Lessons


One to one lessons


We are holding private classes in London a week a month. You can decide the length of your class in terms of hours.

You can choose between 3 options :


  • You can get a class a month in London and practice during the all month until the next class. (We will give you exercises and material to study on your own at home)


  • If you prefer weekly classes you can get a class a month in London plus 2 or 3 classes a month with Skype.


  • You can even try the 3 days intensive course.


and Fees

Monthly Sessions

One hour 25 £

One hour and a half                                                                                      37 £

Two hours 50 £

Session packages

1 Class From 2 Hours + 3 Skype Classes From Half hour (weekly classes )100 £

3 Classes From One Hour each ( 3 days intensive course )70 £

3 Classes From 2 hours each ( 3 days intensive course )125 £